Thursday, February 18, 2021

Time Will Tell ...

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. I’ve been feeling a little guilty about it. But, only for a little while. I decided that I would write a new blog when the time was right.

Part of the reason for the length of time in between blog posts was the fact that I wasn’t sure what I would write about. I sincerely don’t want this blog to be an open journal into my life. Nobody wants to read about my life when they’re busy living theirs.

So, I grappled with this “what should I write about” problem. I enjoy writing very much. It's an outlet for me, but I really need a subject to write about. I need a focus. The longer I grappled with my problem, the more time separated this blog post from the last.

Then, almost like being slapped in the face, I realized what I should write about. Time! Perhaps I needed to have Time go by in order to know just what I should write about!

What is it about Time? Time can be our friend or our foe. It's a loyal companion with any task, that's for sure. We are not given an abundance of it, but we sure think there's way too much of it when we're stuck doing something we'd rather not do. I think, for the most part, Time is my friend. I try to make the most of it, being in the present, enjoying each minute, even the ones that seem to last a lifetime. I suppose Time can be a bit of a magician. Time magically changes with each passing moment of our lives. Some good, some not so good. But, none of the moments last. Time makes sure to march on. There's another moment right after the last, and Time spares no one. 

We’re a species entangled in Time. We have a love-hate relationship with Time, so much so, many of our everyday phrases are related to Time. “Time waits for no one”, “You’re ahead of your Time”, “I had the devil of a Time”, “It’s a race against Time”, “Have the Time of your life”, “Did I catch you at a bad Time?”, “It will happen, all in good Time”. There’s so many. Time is part of us, part of who we are. We don’t have a choice. So, it’s good to embrace the moments and the minutes of your day. It’s good to see the changes Time brings.

For me, it's in nature where I see Time working its magic most. I am amazed by what happens to a tiny seed, given enough Time. You can take a tiny seed, say, a tomato seed, something so small, it could easily be blown away by a breeze if you're not careful. You put it into the ground, just a half inch into the earth, and in a matter of Time, that seed sprouts the beginning of a tomato plant. 

Depending on the type of tomato seed planted, the tiny seed will continue to grow every minute of every day and then bear fruit in a matter of just 40 to 80 days. This is Time working its magic. It's a gift of Time, this beautiful tomato, a tangible gift of Time.

I marvel at this whenever I plant a seed. I watch excitedly for the first green shoots to come up from beneath the dirt, Time proving its magic with the seed buried below. Then, I carefully baby-sit the plant until it can eventually take care of itself.

But, does it ever take care of itself? No, not really. It still takes Time to nurture the plant, to provide water and to be sure it's getting enough sunlight. It takes Time to encourage the plant to bear fruit. What did The Little Prince say about his rose? "It's the time that you spend on your rose that makes your rose so important..." It's the Time spent. That's the magic. 

Time is our friend. Time is our ally. Albert Einstein had such a brain for Time, we all know that. I don't want to write something profound about Time, or enter any type of Time arena with scientists. 
But, what I would like to touch on is how, after enough Time, things always work out. I'm a firm believer in the, "Just give it Time" type of philosophy. I guess what I'm trying to say, what I've sorta noticed in between this blog post and the last, is that, in Time, I figured it out. I figured out what to write. Sure, maybe it's silly that I wrote about Time, but I needed the Time to understand how I can go about writing each future blog post. I just need a subject to focus on. This time, it was Time. Next time... Well, I guess Time will tell!

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