Saturday, June 27, 2020

A little introduction...

It's always good to have an introduction. I like having a little information about something before I jump right in. So, here's a little information about my blog. I'm hoping to write about anything and everything that comes my way; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to write about it and give it a spin. Well, I won't spin the good. The good doesn't need a spin. Good is good. But I might spin it a little. I might spin it so some of the good spins into the bad and the ugly. I like to focus on the good in the world. I begin the focus close to home, in my world, and relate it somehow to the bigger world. I try to find the good, the fun, and the funny in the world to distract myself and others from some of the bad. I don't ignore the bad. I spin it. In everything, there is good. I take what is ugly and try to peel it back and turn it into something lovely. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but some pictures need more words. I use pictures with my words. I will see something that moves me joyfully, and my imagination will turn what I see into a funny story. Or, I will see something that moves me in the opposite way, making me feel sadness, and I want to dig to find the good. I want to find the silver lining in everything, because I firmly believe there is one. Then, I want to share my silver lining with others who may also feel the same sadness by what they have seen. 

I love to garden, and I get a lot of inspiration from growing things starting from seeds. Sunflowers are  one thing I enjoy growing. A small little sunflower seed holds so much beauty! It just takes time, care, and patience for the beauty to unfold itself. There's good and beauty in everything. You just have to watch for it, to notice it, and to appreciate it. Sometimes, you have to dig for it, but it is always there.

My family likes to joke saying I suffer from "frontal lobe disinhibition," which is a reference to an episode of the t.v. show House. The patient on this particular episode suffered a disability which caused him to speak his mind and have no control over what he says. Though I do not suffer from the same disability, I have to admit that sometimes my spontaneous utterances are quite funny and sometimes thought provoking. I've always said that I'm better in writing, so this blog is a way to write my spontaneous utterances in a more cohesive manner. 

Finally, the reason I decided to start a blog came about after I had written a "Silver Linings Section" for the daily bulletin posted by the high school where I work. I'm the Front Office Receptionist, and one of my responsibilities is posting the school's daily bulletin. When the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the world was told to stay safer-at-home, all the schools had to practice distance teaching and learning through the final days of the school semester. So much had changed for everyone, but it wasn't all bad. It was just different, and a lot of it was good. I grabbed the good and wrote about it. By the end of the semester, I had written 45 Silver Linings. I had gained a bit of a fan base, and a few parents and teachers suggested I start a blog. Since I really enjoyed writing every day, I decided to take their suggestion, and here we are! My first blog.

Sunflowers, Silver Linings, and Spontaneous Utterances will be full of pictures, joy, and words that will hopefully help you to find the good in your world. Happy reading!

When Life Gives You Lemons ...